Frequently Asked Question


Biggest question ever and?

Remember, Painting Booth is a generic term. A tiny cabin in wood or in steel sheet with kitchen exhaust can be called a Painting Booth. You can actually build your own Painting Booth if you really wanted to save money.

We are going to stick to Spray Paint Booth designed to meet International standards, to meet Indian Pollution LAW & manufactured by a company with long experience & manufacturer with the good reference of reputed companies.

So before cost comparison the real question you need

* First to ask is what type of Spray Painting Booth is good for my Product & Application?

* Secondly to ask whether supplier has given a Drawing overlapping mine shop layout, material Handling & Process

* Thirdly to ask whether the Paint Booth meets standards & meet Indian pollution law & how supplier Help me & guide me on pollution law.

The best answer to the old question how much does an Indian Painting Booth cost is to talk to an experienced Spray booth manufacturer with minimum 20 years Experience (Since Spray Booth life has to be 10 to 15 years).

A Spray booth is a safe and Standard Code compliant product/operating area designed for spray application of flammable, combustible, or otherwise harmful materials. A compliant Spray Booth keeps the manufacturing shop or work area safe from fire hazard. Spray Booth provides a healthy environment as defined in Pollution Norms for the painter to work comfortably..

We put a lot of time and effort into making a great long-lasting product that is head and shoulders above the rest. If you are looking for a Painting Booth in India, definitely take a look at Autocoat. The best Painting Booth is. The answer for best Painting Booth is to fulfill following list:

  • Customized Drawing Does the manufacturer understood my product/production/process/ my layout & submitted technical quote with the AutoCAD customized Drawing?
  • 15 Years Experience Is it a reputable company with minimum 15 years experience (Paint Booth life expected minimum 10 years) in manufacturing of Painting Booth in India?
  • Reference List Does the company have good reference list of corporate customers?
  • Pollution Law Does the company include installation, training, and helping to understand pollution law?
  • Warranty Does the machine have a warranty & after sales service and backup?
  • Solution for better Painting or just fabrication Does the company guide all problems related to paint finishing or just fabrication & supply?
  • Expertise & experience yes Autocoat has in the business of manufacturing Spray Painting Booth for many years & implemented SOP for manufacturing which is exhaustive & many features are first amongst Competitor. Not only are our spray booth systems built to last and made from high quality component but with reputed make like Siemens starters, bharat bijlee electric motors etc.

    Exhaust Blower from vendor with Documented Capacity (Heart of Paint Spray Booth performance) from Autocoat vendor are with documented capacity & with running trial before Spray Booth assembly. There after Spray Painting Booths are assembled & Trial run for minimum 2 hours.

    Velocity test are conducted & documented. (Paint Booth Assembled & tested before dispatch)

    Smoke Test is conducted to ensure paint spray are exhausted efficiently (necessity for pollution norms)

    Pollution Norms Spray Painting Booth design fulfills Pollution Norms about particulate matter. And thus compliant to Indian Pollution Norms.

    Long Life Our Spray Booths are built to last: with the quality appearance, 100% assembly & Trials ensure guarantied performance in-house as well as at customers place.

    Knowledge in Painting our computer generated labels & lamination, detailed drawings and well documented Manual will save you time and money when it comes to use of Paint Booth effectively during its lifetime.