Small Conveyor Plant

Small Conveyor Plant


Conveyor Painting Plant are used for painting of components for mass productions & generally upgraded from batch painting to conveyor painting because of following distinct advantages

  • Saving in manpower cost
  • Better process control & hence
  • Saving in rejection cost
  • Useful to add accelerated drying or curing oven
  • Payback in 2 to 3 years if volume is more than 100 200 Nos. per shift (Smaller & medium component )
  • Paint Booth Cost?

    In conveyor painting plant, each part moves through the manufacturing process at the same rate. If graphed, conveyor painting would be a straight line moving from start to finish. There is no wait time or down time because progress is happening constantly. Conveyor painting is well-suited for manufacturers with a large volume of parts, as they do not be required to manually move the parts into the next phase of the finishing process. However, it is important to note that the continuous flow of a conveyor system is not suited for lines containing parts of different size & shape.

    Why to consider Autocoat?

    Typically small conveyor painting plant is designed with Autocoat Dry Back Paint Booth, Flash Off Enclosure , Accelerated Drying Oven with conveyor speed ranging from 0.3mtrs per minute to 1 mtr. Per minute for economical pricing.

    Side Draft Booth
    Small Conveyor Painting Plant
    Side Draft Paint Booth
    Small Conveyor Painting Line
    Side Draft Spray Booth
    Small Conveyor Plant

    If you wish to expand your paint shop and space is a problem, it will be interesting to investigate to go for conveyor painting plant installation. Another reason can be to introduce Accelerated Drying instead of Air Drying for space saving, consistent quality even during monsoon, better productivity.

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