UV Room Sterilizer

UV Room Sterilizer

Uv (ultra violet )light from the sun is divided in to 3 categories UvA , UvB , UvC. The wave length ranging between 100-400 nm.

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UVC light in the range of wavelengths between 100 and 280 nm is capable of inactivating microorganisms, such as micro germs , pathogens , bacteria & viruses. Disinfecting air and solid surfaces is quite fast with the use of uvc rays.

Normally usage of chemical disinfectants are not enough in remval of bacteria and viruses found in hospitals , corridors other contaminated areas. Once a hospital room is been contaminated by microorganisms from a patetient during his course of stay , it is necessary to decontaminate or disinfect the used patient-care beds and hospital rooms , the medical equipment and the room before admission of next patient. Spraying of chemical disinfectant on floor & moping , washing of bed sheets is a simple procedure, But disinfecting the bed structure , inner bedding , tables , electronic equipment ,wall is impossible with a chemical based treatment.

With modernization in field of uvc lights all the above procedures are been simplified. Autocoat Engineering (i) Pvt . Ltd along with Dhanvanthri Engineers Pvt. Ltd have designed , developed & manufactured Uv room sterilizer with lot added advantages. All virus is sensitive to UVC light , our uv hospital sanitizer with a peak intensity at 254 nm results in cellular & Dna damage of the virus, thereby inhibiting cellular replication. UV trolley provides fast , rapid, effective inactivation of all pathogens without extensive human efforts

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As a major requirement in hospitals in & lower bed availability , Govt. of India have developed a UVC trolley to fight against COVID-19 by rapid cleaning of hospital environment. The germicidal effects of Ultravoilet hospital sterilizer are phenomenal unlike when compared to chemical approaches of disinfection.

Our Manual Uvc trolley known as Auto Disinfectant Uv Tower is portable type can be useful to disinfect almost all kind surfaces & Rooms , some of them are briefed below

UV sanitizing box

Our uv box can be useful to disinfect almost all products, some of them are briefed below

Hospitals & Wards sanitizer - The disinfection Hospital sterilizer is designed for hospitals to decontaminate hospital rooms , wards and areas contaminated with bacteria and viruses rapidly, effectively and safely. Most of the sanitizing towers are able to give on vertical sterilizing effect , But our uv disinfectant gives advantage on horizontal surfaces too.

The pathogens on hospital bed surface , virus or bacterial on hospital tables , electronic equipment , oxygen cylinders etc can be easily inactivated by closer uvc effect through uv room sterilizer. Our uv tower sanitizes / destroys these harmful bacteria with in 30 minutes of usage thereby removing any doubts of the hospital staff on getting contaminated. Use of Ppe kit with helmet is a must during the uv process. Auto Disinfectant Uv Tower is a lab tested product.

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Uv School Sterilizer -The disinfection uv school sterilizer is designed keeping in mind the size of the school room , the tables , the benches , the desks , door windows etc to be sanitized in most effective and fastest way. Safety of children is a must , they unknowingly touch nose & mouth thereby touching the desks & benches. Bacteria and viruses have tendency to remain on wooden surfaces for very long hours. Auto Disinfectant Uv Tower is better than other local trolleys as it sanitizies vertically as well as horizontally.

Our uv school sterilizer kills these virus & pathogens rapidly, effectively and safely. Due to horizontal motion available in the room sterilizer uv lamp more focused rays can be passed on the desks & benches. Moping and wiping have their own limitations of decontamination process ,but with use of uv tower school staff can be rest assured of the unseen microbes. Use of Ppe kit with helmet is a must during the uv process. UV sanitizing box

Uv Office Sterilizer - Office staff travel from home to offices with different modes of transportation . During the travel from trains or buses there is a very high chance of microbial transfer from infected people to office working staff . Also contamination from bus & train seats ,vertical walls, hangers can infect human body as hands have to carry multiple touch activities.

Office Staff can be asymptomatic carriers of virus or bacteria and can unknowing be transferred to office equipments , desks , chairs , fax , computers and other electronic stuff. It is necessary that atleast 30 minutes of the office room & equipments should be sterilized with uv office sterilizer. With growing pandemic uv office tower is a must for assured inactivation of microbes.Our portable uv sterilizer can move close to every corners of the office rooms. Use of Ppe kit with helmet is a must during the uv sterilizing process.

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Uv Hotel Room Sterilizer - People often travel to hotel rooms for either office work or holidays. Due to numer of people checking in and checking out , hotel staff take maximum care in making their guests comfortable by constant cleaning or bed sheets , pillow covers , flooring etc. Even after such periodic cleanliness , there are high chances of unseen microbial germs , bacteria , virus to be present in the hotel rooms , which might have been a carrier through some clients . Either by their bags or handy equipments.

For the safety of the newly checked in customers and the hotel staff it's a must to have a uv disinfectation process in each room with our uv hotel room sterilizer . In couple of minutes our uv Hotel room sterilizer would make the hotel rooms and inner equipments 99% free from pathogens, thereby maintaining a healthy atmosphere. Auto Disinfectant UV Tower is the fastest way to sterilize different surfaces UV sanitizing box

Other General Areas - Malls , Banquet halls , Building lobbies , Corridors , Passages etc Our uv portable trolley van Disinfecting or sanitizing all areas without use of chemicals or water. Now you don't need to worry as our germicidal uv tower with right time of exposure inactivates 99% pathogens without operator fatigue or hassels. We also recommend our Auto Disinfectant UV Tower in each stores in the malls so that the goods can be sanitized which is been touched by different people

Autocoat Engineering is the most experienced in manufacturing innovative products since last 35 years in India. Now with need of the hour Autocoat Engineering (i) Pvt . Ltd along with Dhanvanthri Engineers Pvt. Ltd we bring you products you can trust & use to be safe . UV sanitizing box

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