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The word painting booth refers to paint and painting method. Painting without Painting Booth creates a bad and an unhealthy environment. Consistent quality, consistent production and eliminating rejection are key factors in todays competitive growing industry.

Autocoat with 35 Year Experience & expertise Spray Painting Booths are more precisely AutoCAD Engineered & Manufactured In-house fulfils.
  • Operator safety.
  • Fire safety
  • Pollution norms.
  • Improvement in quality of paint finish.

It also takes care to Reduce dust problems, reduce over spray problems, and removes waste spray paint & solves Paint sludge disposal, helps in adding value to the final product. Since it is the last operation prior to packing. Paintings in a clean paint booth normally have better finish & thus higher customer satisfaction value..

conveyorised painting booth Painting Booth
 Spray Painting Booth Spray Painting Booth
Spray Booth India Painting Booth India
Conveyorised Painting Booth Indian Painting Booth

Side draft Painting Booths are useful for small or heavy components, where painting is done standing in one position. For Painting of heavier components like Pump, Electric Motors, Valves, Engines, Gear Box Autocoat has developed & supplied Specials Painting Booths with Monorail & Hoist (volume 10 Nos- 100 nos./shift.) Such Autocoat combination Spray Painting Booths are well accepted & extremely popular.

Spray Paint Booth Spray Paint Booth
 Lab Booth Lab Booth
Spray Booth India Spray Booth India
Conveyorised Painting Booth Conveyorised Painting Booth

Autocoat engineering Spray Painting Booths are one of the top sellers of no pump Painting Booth design which are also known as pump less Painting Booths. These Spray Painting Booths have the following features: Adequate exhaust resulting in effective removal of over spray paint particles and eliminating settling on wet painted surface; Provides clean air to the operator; and Washing action minimizes escape of paint along with exhaust air thus eliminating surrounding pollution and also elimination of fire risk.

Paint Booth Cost?

SPRAY PAINTING BOOTH is engineered for maximum efficiency and economy. The Spray Painting Booth is designed to maintain an adequate velocity of clean air at the operator's breathing level and ensure that all the overspray paint is sucked into water tank. By keeping the operator's breathing level free from solvent and overspray paint. It is possible to make the operators work continuously for longer periods, thereby increasing production and improving the quality of work.

The Painting Booth eliminates messy pumps, filters, nozzles etc. and considerably reduces maintenance expenses, apart from increasing the water wash action ensuring a complete separation of pigment, resin and solvent with help of chemical added, and allowing only the solvent to escape out along with the exhaust air.

Why to consider Autocoat?

Autocoat Engineering is the most experienced Painting Booth Manufacturer in India since last 35 years. Autocoat Engineering have been manufacturing superior quality Paint booth among other valuable products .We have wide experience of manufacturing paint booth with different material handling and different product size , and different production volume.

Autocoat Engineering is one of the most renowned company when it comes to Indian Painting Booth Manufacturers & Painting Booth Suppliers in India.