Automotive Paint Booth

Automotive paint booth

Automotive paint booth is normally in local language is also know as car paint booth. With the vast development in manufacturing of automobile sector and more and more company coming in to show their presence in market , lots of new and old car models are available for customer to choose from. Before purchasing a spray bake paint booth it is necessary to know Whenever a car or two wheeler is been manufactured in the automobile company , it undergoes through lot of manufacturing process before it enters the auto paint booth stage.

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Car painting or automobile painting bifurcated in different stages. Large Spray Booth Parts like car body , bumpers , chassis , doors , engines are manufactured separately in different areas of the automotive factory or at sub vendors factory .These Painting lines are consisting of a series of painting booths with 3 coat process usually , Base coat booth� This is the part of the automotive paint booth ,where the product after cleaning and surface pretreatment enters the spray booth and is applied with primer paint or commonly called as base coat. Then the component travels from to step two of the automobile spray booth which is finish coat booth and this is the zone where the actual color coat is applied by spray guns , after an intermediate timing the component passes through lacquer spray booth , here a layer of lacquer is applied which gives the glossy finish to the product.

These above stated parts with application of paints enter the heating oven or baking zone to get cured at a very high temperature of 120 to 180 deg. Once out of curing oven , now the parts can be used for assembly and sub assembly process. The fuel used to bake these components are normally by diesel heating or gas heating.

Note during the painting process the automobile spray booths are totally enclosed and are been connected with fresh air supply systems from inside and outside , so that the painting area and the outer areas are thoroughly dust free and part remain free from any unwanted dirt and dust. Due to large capacities of production , normally all car and two wheeler paint shops use conveyorized automobile spray painting booths , to reduce handling of components.

Spray bake paint booth- As explained earlier , there is an elaborate process on painting carried out by the parent car or two wheeler manufacturing companies. But such an indepth paint technology & process can not be carried out on an accidental ,damaged car , repair car or old car to be repainted. The cost of the painting plants in the Oem factories is as high as from 2 cr to 300 cr , but such equipment cannot be purchased by local dealers or vendors . Therefore spray bake paint booth technology comes in as this is garage paint booth, which is a miniature model of fully integrated painting system. . For very specialized paint booth with inbuilt oven , Autocoat has tie up with a company from China namely M/s Guangdong Jingzhongjing. These devices are far superior when compared to Indian made spray bake booths. These spray booth cum oven consists of 4 mtrs x 8 mtrs ground clear space which can accommodate one standard car in it for the painting job work. There is separate exhaust blower which is suitable to carry out all waste spray from the painting zone . There are also separate set of blowers which provide clean air from the top ceiling of the paint booths plenum chamber , upto 5 micron dust count depending on the finish needed. The spray bake paint booth is also well known as Garage paint booth , functionally this technology works on twin modes .


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Mode 1 Painting mode � In this mode the car body or the damaged part is been thoroughly cleaned & wiped & then spray painted with the suitable color requirement in spray booth cum oven. In this mode the all blowers are in working mode , the over sprayed paint is been channelized through a series of filters , where the paint dust sticks to the filter mesh and air along with thinner & bad smell moves to the exhaust chamber and leaves the system through the exhaust air duct. The other set of blower constantly push fresh air from outside into the garage spray booth through series of clean filter , there by ensuring a clean environment inside the painting chamber. This cycle goes on continuously until the mode is not been changed.

Large Spray Booth

Mode 2 Drying mode- In this mode the spray bake paint booth is to be used as a curing oven. Here the exhaust blower of the garage paint booth remain in offline mode , and only the circulation blowers are in motion .With the help of a specialized auto damper the air from outside is been stoped and the inner air is only been recirculated. The heating element now starts generating heat which is then combined with the air circulating blowers to create hot temperature in the spray bake booth. After completing the heating cycle the product is allowed to remain in the paint booth to cool down and then removed from the paint booth. Note � i) The temperature achieved in a garage spray booth can go to maximum of 80deg ii)The heating of the oven can be achieved by different methods Electrical heating , Gas heating , Diesel heating spray booth cum ovens iii)Paint booths with oven combination can be suitable for very low painting , 2 /3 car bodies in a day, cannot be use for a production facility.

Autocoat imported spray bake paint booths are aesthetically state of art equipment, when compared to local Indian made booths .External panels are made out of double layer of steel with polyurethane puf in between also known as sandwich or cold storage panels. These panels have high durability and provide good insulation parameters. All electrical items used in our garage paint booths are of international and European standards, so that after sales and spares are easily available in any country. Paint arresting filters , fresh air filters and ceiling filters are inline with latest government and international pollution norms. Our Auto paint booths are available in multiple size options from standard car paint booths to suv paint booths to customized models.Not onle size options depending on weight of the car to be painted , our marketing representatives guide you to purchase basement type car spray booth model or civil type booth. In all customer gets a complete solution on car service center paint booth.


We also provide prep stations or preparation stations , where in the finishing of the damaged car body can be carried out so that external dust& dust due to grinding + sanding operations can be removed constantly during this process.