Powder Coating Booth

Powder Coating Booth

9.Powder Coating Process -

a. Powder Booth - Powder Booth is a chamber or a cabin where the powder ( pigment of different colors ) are been sprayed by means of a powder gun on the component to be powder coated. These Chambers are built out of MS sheet metal or SS sheet metal. The powder coating booth is divided into two sections namely The powder spraying area and the powder recovery area.

Powder coating system is a very costly process, therefore selection of a right powder coating booth & powder recovery system is very important. The color pigments or the color dust has to be used in a very cost effective method .Once powder is been sprayed on the desired parts there is a large amount of waste spray created , due to various reasons , either by bounce back effect or faraday effect or excessive air pressure of the powder spray guns. This over spray is not a waste spray (unused powder) and need to be used again to make it cost effective.

Powder booth when combined with conveyor for higher powder usage are also termed at conveyorised powder coating booth. The cabine is much similar to batch powder coating line but the only difference is that there are calculated cut outs for the raw material to enter and exit from the conveyorised powder coating booth.

b. Powder Recovery System - Here the powder coating spray booth is connected to a cyclonic system at the rare end of the booth . The cyclonic chamber is either single cyclone or multi cyclone chamber, depending on the per day powder coating capacity or powder spraying

The cyclone unit is connected to a blower, with a specialized construction in such a way that the reusable powder is captured by the cyclones and the light dust is been exited out the system. The cyclones are combined and connected to a hopper arrangement where the unused powder can be easily available for reusable work. This is a proven specialty of Autocoat Engineering , we have supplied many powder coating lines with multicyclone recovery system , there by enhancing the high powder saving of customer.

c.Post Filter Recovery arrangement system - During the stage b , max powder is been recovered by the powder cyclone chamber & cyclones. Even after this there are chances of usable powder trying to reach the exhaust chamber of the powder coating system . This powder also if captured consistis of reasonable recovery. Therefore the cyclone chamber is been connected to Post filter chamber to enhance and increase the efficiency of the recovery system . Theses systems are usually used where the powder consumption of a particular color is very high or in conveyorised powder coating booth. The arrangements discussed above are suitable for batch type powder coating and conveyorised powder coating line.

Powder coating oven or Powder curing oven - This can be termed as the last operation in the powder coating line process. Here the sprayed powder on the product is been baked at temperature above 180deg c ,due to such high temperature the powder melts and starts to cover the whole surface area of the product , thus by giving an overall coverage , Since the powder used in the powder coating plat is completely dry in nature the melting of the powder plays a key role in covering the surface of the product. If temperatures are not even all over there are chances of uncured powder ,leading to failure of the powder coating process. Autocoat Powder coating oven are highly efficient and available in all types of available industrial fuels & electrical systems..

Conveyorised Powder Coating Line - Conveyors are popular in every mass production based Industries , as it has been a need of latest technologies , to achieve lower manufacturing cost and lowest man power cost. With correctly selected conveyor and rightly designed jigs hassle free conveyorised powder coating can be achieved.

When parts are small and in enormous quantities, batch type powder coating line cannot work as desirable, here is when the need for a fully designed conveyorised powder coating system is necessary, Material when loaded on conveyor , travels smoothly from the pretreatment process to powder coating booth , then through the powder coating oven and ready to assembly but with setup of conveyorised powder coating system one can rest assured. In such lines it is necessary to have a thoroughly clean area , with a combination of Air supply units which can pressurize the system and achieve cleanliness upto 5 micron dust level.

In conveyorised power coating system the pretreatment process is either been done in a batch type 7 tank method or by a spray pretreatment method. To know more on spray treatment for painting and powder coating line , please click here. Autocoat Engineering has been manufacturing various kinds of conveyorised systems from batch type systems , to semi conveyorised powder coating line , to fully customized conveyorised powder coating systems. We also educate the customers in making SOP chats , preventive maintenance charts for a hassle free production.