Cross Draft Booth

Cross Draft Booth

Side draft booth is the most versatile types of spray booth , to understand these paint booths lot of major things need to be understood. Every spray booth works on the principle of air suction and discharge. This incoming air can be either can be created by a negative suction pressure or positive air draft . Normally in all industries spray booths are divided into two major streams cross draft booths (side draft booth) and downdraft booths.

Part I- Cross draft spray booth - These kind of booths are popularly know as side draft spray booth , almost 70 % of the industry uses this kind of booth .The basic advantage of these type of booth is they are small , require less space , can be accommodated any where at the corner of the factory building , requires less power for the same job and gets the job done .

These kind of booths are popularly know as side draft spray booth , almost 70 % of the industry uses this kind of booth .The basic advantage of these type of booth is they are small , require less space , can be accommodated any where at the corner of the factory building , requires less power for the same job and gets the job done .

Cross draft paint booths also are popularly used by industries which produce smaller products , or assemblies which are totally knock down stage , dismantled , sub assemblies , basically man handle able jobs. Most of the automobile manufacturers like car or two wheelers use such side draft paint booths with conveyorisation to achieve mass production. Autocoat Engineering designs, manufactures , exports lager variety of cross draft spray booths . Product analysis

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Whenever a Side draft paint booth or cross draft booth is to be selected , a thorough check of the product is very essential. The dimensions of the product to be painted gives us an understanding of what size of booth one needs to go for . Autocoat Engineering makes this product analysis more simpler as our engineering and marketing team would make the customer site factory visit and understand what is the material flow and where the paint booth can be installed . Once all details of the customer product are been taken along with different models , we educated the customer to how to use our selection charts to select the right paint booth for their painting process.

If a side draft spray booth is selected, it is necessary to know the key features of Autocoat paint booth. Also known as pumpless no water curtain booth. Extraction Chamber - This the part of the cross draft booth which works on either dry back method or wet water type method depending on what booth is been selected. We manufacture both kinds of side draft spray booths majorly dry type cross draft booth & water type cross draft booths .

i) Our extraction chambers are been comprised of a variety of different parts , metal baffles , suction filters , exit filters , transformation ducts etc .These are the short descriptions of Autocoat's dry spray booths extraction chamber.

ii) Our Extraction chambers for a water spray booth is known as washing chamber .It is the area where the over sprayed paint or the waste paint is been washed by water and converted into paint sludge. This chamber consists of distribution plates creating water tornado effect , air deflectors , eliminators , tie rods etc. perfect way to handle paint waste.

iii) Autocoat Engineering provides very high performance and high pressure blowers which is the main heart of the cross draft paint booth. Due to this high performance there no need for water curtain booth type.

A) Painting area - This is that area of side draft booth where the painting operation is been done . The painting operations is been carried out by spray guns and mostly by a rotation methods. Autocoat Engineering has made the painting very easy with a large number of material handling systems , Rotary turn tables , Overhead handling , trolley handling , jigs , fixtures which can give minimum paint marks on the painted jobs and also avoiding rundowns of paints. The painting area of a side draft paint booth is same for a water wash or dry painting system.

B) Working - The movement of air or the air draft travels from one side of the spray booth , captures the paint dust and travels towards the extraction or washing chamber . As the draft of air is from one side to the other

Thus the booth is known as cross draft spray booth or side draft paint booth. Note - There is no movement of any vertical air movement & all other 4 sides the paint booth are completely enclosed , which makes the draft of the air in straight line only.

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Dry side draft booth - Autocoat side draft booths consists of very special design where there are layers/series of metal baffles placed at such a pitch & in angular degree, so that the cross draft of the air moving from the opening of the painting area is able to carry maximum paint waste spray with right velocity to get maximum coverage over the metal baffles. The series of metal plates create a heavy air resistance in the air flow path , there by making it compulsory to drop the waste pigment spray on the metal baffles and even in the internal sides of it . This calculated resistance is been monitored by rightly designed and selected centrifugal blower in such a way that clean air is only allowed to pass through the following duct . The air filled with paint dust not only passes through the metal plates but also through a glass fiber filter , there by arresting thoroughly all paint fumes and air filled with thinner and allowable paint dust particulate passes through the exhaust duct. The dry cross draft booth is a specialty of Autocoat engineering. We installed as number of dry cross draft booths all over India. Autocoat designed dry cross draft booths are highly efficient and with lowest filter replacement costs.

Water wash cross draft spray booth -These are also been known as side draft booths , here instead of filter to create resistance in the air path , water bed is used to create tornado movement in the water with help of the cross draft incoming air . High pressure blowers assist the air path while the waste paint travels through the water. The consumable costs requirements are almost nil of Autocoat made cross draft booths , here since

Spretreatment system there in no use of filters , its only a replacement of water bath. Water wash side draft booths are very popular in cases where the paint consumptions are very high. The high pressure blowers create a continuous tornado effect in the water , which captures maximum paint mist trying to enter the washing chamber , In this chamber there are many specially designed plates known as deflectors , eliminators , distribution plates etc which do not allow easy passage for the paint waste spray into the blower zone. The air entering the cross draft booth moves from the painters end towards the front screen of the paint booth . We also design water curtain booth for customers where there is a high consumption of paint liters per day . Our water curtain booths mixed with cross draft booth makes it a perfect set up for stoppage of waste paint and air movement. Although pumpless booths are the new generation paint booths , but in special cases where higher grades of polyurethane paints are used , the tend to create a static dust , which has a tendency to float in air , to over come this kind of paint dust , Autocoat provides the water curtain feature to enhance the capturing capabilities of the cross draft booth.