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Safety is the basic reason. The vehicles and thinners used in most finishing and coating materials have varying degrees, but at least some degree, of volatility. If fumes were not carried away they would build up to create a safety hazard. A spray booth performs the function of safety carrying these fumes out of the spraying area.
Finish quality is a second reason. A spray booth in carrying away vilatile fumes also carries any paint overspray away from the products being finished. Overspray cannot settle on already painted products, eliminating a common cause for marred finishes.

Spray Booth , Spray Booth Manufacturers,Spray Booth suppliers

Spray Booth , Spray Booth Manufacturers,Spray Booth suppliers

Working environment is improved by a spray booth. The atmosphere in the spraying area is kept clean and fume-free. In many cases the painter need not use a mask. His comfort and safety contribute to increased productivity.
Neighborly relations are improved by using a spray booth. Filter and water wash spray booth effectively remove paint pigments from the air being exhausted outside the factory.
In short, efficient, properly installed spray booth introduce a high degree of safety and lower the risk of fire hazard. They reduce the possibility of costly overspray damage to already sprayed products.
They improve working environment, and they help a manufacturer not to be a nuisance to his neighbors
Spray Painting Booths are categorized as - Side Draft Spray Painting Booths for medium sized components, and Down Draft Spray Painting Booths for heavy and voluminous components, Bench spray painting booths for small/tiny components and Conveyorized / Conveyorized Spray Booths for mass production. The Conveyorized / conveyorized spray painting booths can be either side draft type or down draft type; depending upon size and weight of the component to be painted.
4) Spray booth are engineered for maximum efficiency and economy. The Spray booth is designed to maintain an adequate velocity of clean air at t he operator's breathing level and ensure that all the overspray paint is sucked into water tank. By keeping the operator's breathing level free from solvent and overspray paint, it is .possible to make the operators work continuously for longer periods, thereby increasing production and improving the quality of work.

The Spray booth eliminates messy pumps, filters, nozzles etc. and considerably reduces
Maintenance expenses, apart from increasing the water wash action ensuring a
Complete separation of pigment, resin and solvent with help of chemical added, and
allowing only the solvent to escape out along with the exhaust air.

Autocoat Engineering is the most experienced Spray booth Manufacturer since last 50 years in India. Autocoat Engineering have been manufacturing superior quality Spray booth among other valuable products .We have wide expirence of manufacturing paint booth with different material handling and different product size , and different production volume.
Autocoat Engineering is one of the most renowned company when it comes to Spray Booth Manufacturers in India & Spray Booth Suppliers in India
Autocoat Engineering painting booth is designed (most critical is Spray Booth Design), manufactured , assembled & tested for performance before dispatch and commissioned at site to achieve customer 100% satisfaction. Most of our customers are corporate companies with ISO certification and with stringent quality requirements


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SPRAY  PAINTING BOOTH is also termed as PAINT EXHAUST SYSTEM, SPRAY PAINTING BOOTH, PAINTING BOOTH etc. Even though the names are different the purpose is the same.

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Spray Booth , Spray Booth Manufacturers,Spray Booth suppliers