Spray Painting equipment,Spray Painting Equipment suppliers,Spray Painting Equipment manufactures

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 Spray Painting Equipment


Autocoat India is one of the most reliable manufacturer & supplier of pretreatment plants, Spray Painting equipment, spray painting system, paint application equipment, spray painting booths, etc.

Spray painting is a painting technique where painting equipment sprays a coat (paint, ink, varnish etc.) through the air onto a surface. The most common types employ — compressed gas, usually air compressed by an air compressor to atomize and direct the paint particles. Spray painting equipment like Spray guns developed from airbrushes and the two are usually distinguished by their size (the size of the spray pattern they produce with airbrushes being hand held and used instead of a brush for very fine work such as photo retouching, painting nails or fine art).

Spray Painting (paint sprayers) function in a variety of ways. Basic spray painting equipment consists of a conventional spray painting gun, a pressurized paint container, a compressed air system, and flexible tubes connecting it all together. This type of spray painting equipment has a transfer efficiency ranging between 20% and 50%. Improper setup and painting techniques with a spray painting equipment like paint gun will increase the amount of paint used and cost. Paint flows to the spray painting equipment through a tube from a paint pot pressurized from 8 to 30 psi. Atomizing air is supplied to the spray paint gun tip from 30 to 90 psi. The pressure in the paint pot or fluid pressure pushes the required amount of paint through the paint lines to the spray paint gun tip. The atomizing air then breaks the paint into small particles and propels it through the spray painting equipment like spray gun to the surface that is being painted. Typical painting equipment like spray gun might apply 10 ounces of paint per minute. Based on the viscosity of the paint, size and length of paint supply hose, and pressure drop through filters, it may take 18 psi to push 10 ounces of paint though the fittings, hose, and spray painting equipment. A very viscous paint may take 30 psi, depending on the spray painting equipment used. A spray paint booth is necessary in areas where painting is being performed with no ventilation. Without the use of a spray paint booth, fumes will build, resulting in a fire and health hazard. Also, over sprayed paint will fall back onto newly painted surfaces causing quality problems. A spray paint booth also eliminates drafts and odd currents of air that could otherwise carry paint away from the part and onto neighboring cars and buildings. It is important to provide makeup air for a spray paint booth. If a spray paint booth exhausts 3,000 CFM, then an equal amount of air must be brought into the building to avoid negative pressure situations. Insufficient makeup air will result in reduced flow through a spray pain booth eliminating spray paint booth benefits. Spray Painting equipments (paint sprayers) are designed and manufactured to meet most of the industry specifications.

Selection of Spray Painting Equipment:

The type of spray gun and paint container, the availability of clean, compressed air at the correct pressure, the environment in which the product is painted, all affect the quality, the ultimate finish on a painted product. Make sure the proper Painting Equipment is chosen after taking into consideration the size, weight and shape of the product, its production rate, the type of paint to be used the quantity of finish required.




Spray Painting equipment,Spray Painting Equipment suppliers,Spray Painting Equipment manufactures


Spray Painting equipment,Spray Painting Equipment suppliers,Spray Painting Equipment manufactures


Autocoatindia provides the Best quality Spray Painting equipment, Spray Painting Equipment suppliers, Spray Painting Equipment manufactures,

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Spray Painting equipment, Spray Painting Equipment suppliers, Spray Painting Equipment manufactures