pretreatment , pretreatment process , surface finishing


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PRETREATMENT is a process in which the surface of the component to be painted is chemically cleaned and prepared for the painting operation .Metallic components can be freed from impurities with proper PRETREATMENT, using degreasing and derusting solutions, coated with a protective layer of phosphates and passivated for lasting effects.
In the past, more often than not, manufactures had been inclined to ignore or underplay the importance of precleaning and pretreating a component/article in a methodical and scientific manner, prior to paint finishing. It was the general belief that all that mattered to the finish of a component was the paint alone.

Let us examine the results of painting a product which has not been pre-cleaned and pretreatment process is not carried out properly.
First of all. it is to be noted that a product, after going through various operations, when brought for painting will have any or more of the following contaminants on its surface: dirt, grease, rust, scale. Direct painting on such components without removing the impurities on their surface results in a sketchy coat or an inferior finish. The coat of paint does not adhere properly to the surface, and there is a tendency for the paint film to fail or peel off More over, there is a gradual deterioration’s of the painted surface since there is rust formation underneath the paint coat and this creeps slowly to the adjoining areas without being arrested ,sice the pretreatment is not done. One often finds a painted surface thus freckled with rust spots. It is, therefore, obvious that a good appearance or durability cannot be achieved by the application of paint on an uncleaned and untreated surface finishing.
Pretreatment is the only process by which these rust and de-greasing or removal of oil is possible.

pretreatment , pretreatment process , surface finishing

pretreatment , pretreatment process , surface finishing


Pretreatment Process

Pretreatment Process – There is a variety of pretreatment process available in the industry, has been advocated through out industry as the most efficient method of pretreating the component before it is been painted. .
A pretreatment process consists of 3 main solutions

a)Degreasing -:In any pretreatment process this stage is considered one of the most important stage.
During the manufacturing of any metal based component there is an addition of oil or grease or light grease .This addition of oil is been done maily to get a smooth and frictionless method of mechanical procedure on the components been manufactured. This stage of Pretreatment Process
Helps to remove the oil stanes from the machined or manufactured component.The higher the stains of oil on the commodity , the more tanks of this stage to be added in the pretreatment process. To discover a surface finishing free from oil these tanks filled with degreasing solution play a very important role.

b)Derusting -: In any pretreatment process this stage is considered second most important stage.
Before manufacturing of any metallic component or product, the raw material to be used is normally stocked by large and medium companies. Due to the laying of material one above other and not been used for long duration stains of rust are been observed on the metal surface.Also after the product is manufactured completely and before painting there is a stock as per the requirement of different colours .Thus air and moisture in air tends to creat rusty and corrosive surface on the product, making it unsuitable surface finishing for painting. Derusting stage of the pretreatment process is bath of chemical to removome the rust and make it free from corrosive areas,for a better surface finishing.

c)Phosphating-: the third most important stage of pretreatment process is phosphating. Phosphating stage can be use full only when the above stages are thoroughly used. Once the surface finishing or surface treatment of the product is done , the phosphate liquid forms a phosphate coat on the metal surface ,which in turn becomes an integral part of the product. This phosphate coat developed on the metal surface , makes the surface more adaptive to the paint to be sprayed on it .

With the vast experience of Autocoat Engineering in the field of paint, pretreatment process surface finishing techniques all above de oil , rust , phosphate coat related problems can be solved ,and a customized way of handling different products can be achieved.

Autocoat Engineering is the most experienced Paint booth Manufacturer and Pretreatment plants since last 50 years in India. Autocoat Engineering have been manufacturing superior quality Pretreatment systems among other valuable products .We have wide expirence of manufacturing Surface finishing plants with different material handling and different product size , and different production volume.
Autocoat Engineering is leading Pretreatment plant Manufacturer in India & Surface finishing plant Supplier in India


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Pre-Treatment,Powder Coating System,Spray Phosphate


Pre-Treatment,Powder Coating System,Spray Phosphate

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pretreatment , pretreatment process , surface finishing