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Paint Sludge Removal System , Paint sludge disposal system , online paint sludge separator

Introduction to Paint Sludge Removal System:
Autocoat Engineering Paint Sludge Removal System can be custom engineered and integrated into your finishing system to remove solid waste. Paint Sludge Removal System is also referred to as Paint Sludge Dewatering or Paint Sludge Disposal or Paint Sludge Recycling. Paint Sludge Removal System is used during painting of all types of components. Paint Sludge Removal System is used in order to minimize environmental impact.

Paint Sludge Removal System, Paint Sludge separator,Paint sludge Disposal

Paint Sludge Removal System, Paint Sludge separator,Paint sludge Disposal

Paint Sedimentation Tank & Auto Paint Sludge Remover


Why Paint Sludge Removal is necessary?
Paint Sludge Removal System has become very important because all manufactured goods purchased by consumers are painted. There are two types of paint used in manufacturing a product. They are wet paint which is solvent-borne or water-borne and powder coat which is fluidized solid. Removing over spray through Paint Sludge Removal System is very important during manufacturing because letting out the paint directly to the atmosphere is very hazardous and cause environmental damage.
Through Paint Sludge Removal System the paint that is over sprayed during the manufacturing process gets collected in the paint booth walls, on the floors of the spray booth and also on spray painting equipment. Cleaning this over sprayed paint is a very difficult task and requires extensive time to complete. The paint over spray has to be chemically treated and sent to paint sedimentation tank. Paint Sludge Removal System removes the over spray, recycles about 60-80% of water and chemical back into the system and helps in reusing it to eliminate the wastage. Paint Sludge Removal System ,along with sedimentation unit saves the cost of labor, reduces the cleaning up process and eliminates clogging.

Paint Sludge Removal Process:
Paint Sludge Removal System involves a water curtain is used to catch the Paint over sprayed. In a Paint Sludge Removal System as the painter sprays the paint onto the component the paint that is over sprayed gets collected by the water curtain and water tank. The waste water contains the Paint Sludge and other particles that are collected in a sludge chamber below the Paint booth where it is chemically treated and clarified. Then the clarified waste exits the paint booth through a chamber connected to the chimney leaving the sludge below. The paint sludge having very little moisture with less weight is then disposed.

Autocoat Paint Sludge Remover can not only remove the paint sludge from 1 booth but it is capable to remove sludge from 4 to 5 booths joined together at the same time. The water from the paint booth is channelized to a common paint sedimentation pit and then via pumping devices sludge is sent from the paint sedimentation pit to the sludge separator. The sludge is then scraped of the water and is conveniently collected in polythene bags and clean water is recycled to booth again. Autocoat guides to remove this collected sludge out of factory and disposal sectors.
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