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Gel Coat Booth

Gel coat booths are newer application of spraying Gel coat, widely used for spraying on moulds .
Gel coat is a material used to provide a high-quality finish on the visible surface of a fiber-reinforced composite material. The most common gel coat are based on epoxy or unsaturated polyester resin chemistry. Gel coats are modified resins which are applied to moulds in the liquid state.

Gel Coat Booth ,Gel Coat Spray Booth , Gel coat  Oven

Gel Coat Booth ,Gel Coat Spray Booth , Gel coat  Oven

Gel coat Booth

Gel coat Booth

Gel coat Booth and Gel coat Applications
Gel coat application :
Gel coat is application used in major areas where use of plastic or pp or other plastic material can not be used due the high cost involved in the manufacturing of such plastics. Therefore Fiberglass technology play a key role in manufacturing of large volume based light components.
1) Automobile : Automobile parts specially , Door , Trunk Lids, Wind Deflectors ,Roof For Busses And Lorries are some parts where molding of plactics is difficult to attain, fiberglass painted with gel coat gives an atpar level of component. Since these gel coats are to be sprayed to get a better finish , there comes a necessity of get coat spray booth to avoid pollution and operator comfortability .
2)Ship building & Rail vehicles : Autocoat Engineering has already been in supply of gel coat booth for companies related to ship building and metro rail and other railway projects , for components like Seats ,Roof Top , Side Body , interiors of cruze line ships and interiors other railway projects.

3) Wind energy: Autocoat Engineering with its other foreign tie-ups is proud to present get coat booths which can handle Large volume based components like Windmill rotar blades and its other body parts.

4) Building and Construction : Autocoat Engineering has also developed special gel coat booth for comodeties likePanels, Corrugated Sheets, Light Domes And Light Shafts, Chemical L Plants Tanks , Pipes where the gel coat is acidic in nature.

5) Sanitary : Gelcoat spray booth can also be a useful equipment to customers who are into manufacturing of Washstands , Shower Trays, Kitchen Counter,etc.

Dust free room with Gel coat booth is popular for high quality Gel coat finish. Bright, smooth, glossy finish and corrosion resistance. Gel coat spray booth has a advance filtration system .
We have latest technology and design to have the maximum effect of the Gel coat on the required surface. We manufacture gel coat booth. Autocoat Engineering has large experience of supplying different sized Gel coat booth in either India or Abroad.

Gel Coat Oven :
After the coating is completed on a component they are cured to form cross linked polymers and are subsequently backed with composite polymer matrices, often mixtures of polyester resin and fiberglass or epoxy resin with glass. Gel coat tunnel oven reduce the curing time by 50 % and the quality of your finished product. Also the get coat oven reduces the dust addition to the gel sprayed component .We manufacture the gel coat oven of high efficiency with less curing time. Autocoat gel coat oven is result of long years of expert’s expertise.






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Gel Coat Booth ,Gel Coat Spray Booth , Gel coat Oven

Autocoatindia provides the highest quality Gel Coat Booth ,Gel Coat Spray Booth , Gel coat Oven Supplier in India