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Dust Free Paint Booth and Dust Free Painting

Dust Free Paint Room can be also termed as Dust free painting.
Dust is one of the major problems in all modern paint shops and these can be a serious issue resulting higher rejection. In India, due to Dusty Environment & poor equipment design & poor process selection & lack of housekeeping as well as maintenance. Rejection due to dust in painting is higher & higher beyond imagination. Recurring rework cost for rejected component due to dust in paint shop is a major headache.
Dust free paint room or Dust free painting or Dust free paint booth or Dust free paint job or Dust free spray painting or Clean room painting or Dust free Painting of plastic or Ultra clean painting.
“Dust free paint room” concept for plastic painting is requirement of today. Most of plastics have replaced metal parts, in category sig “A Class Finish” which mean ultra finish requirement. Not only it has to match quality of contour etc. but it has to match “paint glass, hardness, etc.” at par with other “A class Finish” manufactured by Parent manufacturer. (Ex. Bumpers, Mirrors, Seat, Dash Boards, etc.)

Dust Free Paint Booth, Dust Free Spray Painting, Dust Free Paint Job

Dust Free Paint Booth, Dust Free Spray Painting, Dust Free Paint Job

Dust Free Painting . (Suitable For Small Plant)

Dust Free Painting Plant Suitable for Mass Production

Autocoat engineering is leading Dust free paint room manufacturer or Dust free Paint booth manufacturer in India.& can offer
* Dust free paint room - Batch Set Up
* Dust free paint Booth( - Conveyorised Set Up

Collection of information & analysis & implementation of correct steps to reduce rejection of paint components due to dust.
Dust problem in Paintshop is essentially due to Bad equipment design Bad selection, Poor follow up or review technique.

Typical Ultra clean painting is requirement for all automobile components like bumper , exterior ABS components of car bodies , 2wheelers ., interior ABS components like dash board , instrumentation panels , door panels etc.. For ultra clean painting Dust Free Paint Room alongwith correct painting process with lacquer as last paint coat is a necessity.
Plastic Painting & ABS Plastic Painting:
In plastic painting dust is major problem .The surface so smooth the small particle on surface while plastic painting create a big spot or typical course surface. Special care has to taken while painting on ABS plastic paint.
Details information for plastic painting booth and ABS plastic painting booth
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Furniture Painting & Furniture Spray Painting:
In Furniture painting dust is major problem .Furniture spray painting has to done with special care. Dust saw from wood plus outside dust make the environment worst on Furniture painting. Dust makes the surface course after the spray painting on Furniture and does not give aesthetic point.
Please Contact us For More Details for Furniture Spray Painting or Furniture
We have large experience with customer. We have large plant running dust free for painting and other application. We have expertise in making the room dust free to the micro level.


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Dust Free Paint Booth, Dust Free Spray Painting, Dust Free Paint Job

Autocoatindia provides the highest quality Dust Free Paint Booth, Dust Free Spray Painting, Dust Free Paint Job