(germs free restaurant wherever UV irradiation is possible)

Know about UV Radiation?

All radiation is a form of energy, most of which is invisible to the human eye. UV radiation is only one form of radiation and it is measured on a scientific scale.

Types of UV radiation or Ultra violet Radiation

Sunlight is the main source of UV radiation, The UV region covers the wavelength range 100-400 nm which produces three main types of UV rays:

  • UVA – UVA rays have a longer wavelength range (315-400 nm) it reaches the earth surface & can penetrate the middle layer of your skin.
  • UVB– Thewavelength range (290-315nm) it reaches the earth surface & causes sunburns with prolonged exposure along with increasing the risk of skin cancer and other cellular damage.
  • UVC – Thewavelength range (100-290nm) is extremely harmful and is almost completely absorbed by Earth’s atmosphere. This artificially created uvc ultra violet radiation when used in right manner works very well for as a disinfectant in food, air, and water to kill microorganisms by destroying their cells’ nucleic acids. Especially for sanitization in restaurants

UVC Technology Advantages

# Disinfection of 99.9% germs free at negligible cost
#   Simple &Dry Chemical free
#  can disinfect Standard Guest room within  30-60 minutes(99.9 germs free)
#  Running cost negligible (present housekeeping person can operate as per Autocoat SOP)

World Scenario on UV products – Many hotels in US & Europe have already shifted to UV technology for disinfection (along with present practice of cleaning and disinfection)


Corona virus free Restaurant – There is No doubt that the present cleaning visual methods along with uvc can help in achieving a far better virus free restaurant environment ,this possible since our Uv disinfection equipments are designed with Philips uvc tubes , which are duly tested on corona virus sample , which gets deactivated within seconds of exposure.

Restaurant Industry can consider Our 2 products namely

1. Auto Disinfectant UV Tower – having experience in field of infrared lights and manufacturing turn key projects , made us drive to use this uvc technology to sanitize our day to day usable items before we use or consume it, with right time of exposure…. Link of UV Tower website

Application in Hotels (Guest Rooms, Guest Bathroom, Room Lobby, Elevators and many other area..  )            

1. Time taken for uv sanitization in restaurant – As the need for disinfection in restaurant becomes a priority placing the uv tower for 5/7 mins at each location between the tables as shown in the pics , can do real time microbes and pathogen diactivation . Uv disinfected restaurant in possible during the working hours by use of portable partitions or by stop gap restaurant usage of fixed eating hours & then Uv disinfection. This method will reduce the viral load to achieve lower germ free restaurant levels.

2. Does Uvc damage to restaurant equipment , expensive interior  during disinfection of restaurant – Our Uv towers are completely tested by microbiological labs , Uv light does not penetrate like xrays it only deactivates the germs on the surface .Its totally safe to use the equipment over wooden , electronic ,fabric material etc.

  • Lack of microbiology knowledge at operating staff (eg.) –
  • HYGIENE in Kitchen– Chemical spray in kitchen often have chances of mixing with food .Uv disinfection is completely safe as no addition of chemical & it’s a short wave based technology. 
  • Low chances of Cross Contamination as microbes and pathogens are already deactivated with the Uvc rays
  • Any personal staff can be trained to operate (wearing of ppe kit + uv goggle is necessary during uvc disinfection of restaurant)
  • Microbiological assessment is necessary –  Routine cleanliness is necessary & sincechemical cleaning cannot reach all required spots ,but uv light can .If microbiological tests are conducted before & After Uv disinfection, reports will show huge reduction in bacteria / virus / germs in the restaurant space. Also if higher uvc dosage is applied to a particular spot , one can achieve 99.9 % virus free area.

Wearing PPE kit along with UV Goggles is a must during UVc Tower disinfection process.

2. Auto Disinfectant UV Conveyor –  For high end restaurants where the waking guests are in large numbers we recommend to go for Uvc conveyor at restaurant entrance . During this pandemic it was seen that we are using Masks at all times ,best hand sanitizers , clean clothes , taking shower etc to keep our selves  clean and safer fromthis deadly virus and pathogens.

But what about Disinfection of Bags , Purses , Mobiles of Customer ? – Bags and purses are made out of cloth ,leather or Special materials (branded) , customers often try not to use any chemical disinfectant on these personal belongings, as they may get severely damaged & aesthetics can be lot . Chemical sprays on mobile may damage the electronics or blind the screen. These non sanitized items can be potential carriers or the corona virus ,bacteria or other pathogens.

Our Uvc conveyor produces high dosage of germicidal short waves to disinfect any pathogens within couple of minutes ,it is the most fastest method of disinfection to maintain germ free restaurant area.

One more area which need to be carefully disinfected to avoid doubts in the minds of guests at large and high end restaurants is Utensils carrying food passes through the uv conveyor at the exit of kitchen & then picked up by restaurant staff & finally serve  to the customer. This will create maximum hygiene & act as one more way to make a covid free restaurant.   

At entry point to the restaurant if guest is more then 50 Nos. / sitting for disinfecting personal belonging of guest, staff). …Link of UV Conveyor website

Application in Hotels (Guest Room)


UV Conveyor is designed very simple operation (just load and receive at unload point)and can disinfect germs at 99.9% of small components within 2 minutes (occupy space of 1M x 2M x 1.5M H )

Our Auto Disinfectant UV Conveyor has been Laboratory tested with each and every sample of fruits & vegetables, food items, crockery items, food packets, personal belongings like purse, mobile etc…and found to have efficiency of almost  99.9% .