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Air Supply Unit (ASU) is equipment used to circulate, supply or replace air from spray paint booth. Air Supply Unit is commonly known as Air Replacement Plant (ARP), Air Handling Unit (AHU), and Air Makeup Unit (AMU) etc. Air Supply Unit or Air Handling Unit was very popular in areas where the air has low humidity, and hotter climate, mainly to comfort the human conditions in such climate. As technology has changed for better development, even in the field of paint and painting equipment, more and more expansions have added up to make a dust free painted product .To attain such a clean paint film on the product free from dust above 5 micron, Air Supply Units and Air Handling have become a necessity of today’s market.

Autocoat Engineering Air Supply Unit (ASU) comprises of series of filters & eliminators. Autocoat Engineering Air Supply Unit (ASU) uses the atmospheric air from outside, refines the air, and supplies it to the Paint booth via ducting, thus creating a constant flow of dust free air into the paint booth. The volume of air supplied from the Autocoat Engineering Air Supply Unit (ASU) also helps to maintain a positive pressure in the paint booth, thus not allowing external dust around the paint booth to enter into the paint booth. Autocoat Engineering Air Supply Unit (ASU) creates an enclosed environment safer for workers by facilitating the elimination of toxic fumes.

Autocoat Engineering Air Supply Unit (ASU) are not only used to provide make up air for the paint booth, but also used as a spot cooling device for the workers in molding shops, assembly shops and other hotter areas. Autocoat engineering is capable to manufacture customized Air Replacement Plants (ARP), in metallic & civil constructions.



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Autocoatindia supplied Air Supply Unit Manufacture & Air Handling Unit supplier from India  in india

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Air Supply Unit Manufacture & Air Handling Unit supplier from India