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Plastic Painting

A plastic material is any of a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic solids that are moldable. Plastics have high molecular mass.
Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) (also fiber-reinforced polymer) is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. Fiber reinforced composites are becoming the light weight and economical therefore they are everyday items of use.


Plastic Painting, Plastic Spray Painting, Plastic Painting Booth

Plastic Painting, Plastic Spray Painting, Plastic Painting Booth

Plastic Painting

Plastic Spray Painting Booth

Application of Plastic Painting.

  • Coating on plastic gives good stress crack resistance and scratch proof.

  • Plastic spray coating, gives Smooth and attractive finish, metallic decorations to plastic in Plastic Painting Booth.

  • Plastic Painting gives very Durable Coating ,Good edge protection, Soft-to-the-touch,

  • Painting on Plastic makes plastic resistant to most inorganic chemicals in solution.

  • Plastic Spray Painting is available in variety of colors.

  • Plastic spray coating gives Excellent Weathering, Environmental Resistance.

  • Outstanding optical appearance results we get in Plastic Painting Booth.

What is plastic coating or plastic painting?
The coating & painting on plastic has become an important factor as gives ascetic look, gloss shine and protection to surface.
Painting on Plastic is very unique technique, different forms of plastic have different uses from PVC (comomly used for gift article , packaging and bags) , ABS plastic (comomly used in automobile sector and other commercial vehicles) , to FRP plastic for ships and other building material .
The Painting and coating methods vary in-terms of pretreatment process for plastic and selection of paint booth for plastic painting.
Dust free room which is a must along with plastic painting system gives the best finish, to the product. Autocoat Engineering also give customized solution to customer for Plastic Painting Booth and Plastic Painting Systems solution.
Dry and Dust-free room with an air supply system eliminates many problems like Dirt Inclusions, used air in the room is been replenished by new clean air every hour, balanced humidity , operator comfortablility.
The good environment and technique give long life to painting booth it also reduces the health hazards to plastic spray painter. Proper Material handling system and various arrangements give the sprayer to spray complex objects and uniform coating. It also enhances economical operation and friendly environment for fast production. Plastic painting in a dedicated Pastic painting plant is a necessity of plastic industries. Autocoat Engineering has supplied many Abs pastic painting plants , Pastic painting systems , specialized dust free rooms for plastic painting .
Autocoat Engineering no only manufactures Plastic Painting Booth , but also customized Pretreatment system of plastics. Autocoat in house engineering capability and tie ups with overseas are on constant working to serve latest plastic painting techniques
and design for Plastic Painting and coating on plastic. Our last 20 year we have served to many big brand companies in India as well in oversea. We have reputed name in plastic spray painting plant.

Plastic Painting
Autocoat Engineering has experience in painting plastic car parts which is complex object geometry and spray plastic coating surface should be of ultra finish.We have also supplied Paint booths for spray plastic furniture coating plants , paint booth for gift articles , plastic painting for hel








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Plastic Painting, Plastic Spray Painting, Plastic Painting Booth

Autocoatindia provides the highest quality Plastic Painting, Plastic Spray Painting, Plastic Painting Booth Supplier in India