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Paint booth for Windmill

Climate change concerns, International pressure to for less CO2 emissions coupled with high oil prices, peak oil, and increasing an energy demands has increased volumes of wind powered electricity.
The Indian Wind Energy already has the 5th largest installed capacity in the world and is set to grow at a rapid pace driven by investments from the private sector attracted by the generous wind subsidies from central government in India.
The primordial painting on the Windmill was based on roller painting .The size of windmill and its rotator blades are huge. It is very difficult for Painter to paint the the windmill parts due to its large size and geometry.
The Autocoat Engineering has special techniques and Methods developed along with tie-up with Chinese company Yancheng Jingzhongjing Industrial Painting Equipment Co.,Ltd, for Painting Windmill Application .That has result into good finish, corrosion resistisance of paint coating .
Autocoat Engineering tie-up has also developed the spray painting booth with 3D platforms gives the Spray Painter three dimensional movements to spray paint the complex geometry of windmill. Painting Plant for Wind Mill Blades
We also have Windmill Spray Booth Cum Oven (Spray Bake Booth.) for curing and drying of painted windmill.


Painting Wind Turbine Rotor Blades, Paint Coating Windmill, Painting Plant For Windmill Blades

Spray Painting Booth for Windmill.

Paint sprayed by paint spraying techniques in a paint booth for windmill gives additional advantages to non FRP parts.
1) Corrosion protection for windmills on sea (offshore).
2) Corrosion protection for windmills on land (onshore).

Painting of Wind Turbine Rotor Blades in most recent years is been developed with a new airless spraying technique where the paint can be sprayed with very little thinner added, thereby reducing drying time and decreasing the release of solvent into the environment. Windmill painting system is used by painters to paint other heavy duty parts of the windmill such as towers & hoods

Advantages of airless spray on windmill blade with the help of Windmill Paint booth not only gives operator comfortability but also:
• The coating penetrates better into pits and crevices.
• A uniform thick coating is produced, reducing the number of coats required.
• A very "wet" coating is applied, ensuring good adhesion and flow-out.

Painting Plant For Windmill for windmill depends in general of five factors:

  • Quality of surface preparation of windmill: Painting Plant For Windmill Blades not only consist of paint booth for wind mill but also surface preparation chambers ,as after the manufacturing of the blade, lot of grinding work is been carried out to remove unwanted material. Autocoat Engineering Painting Plant for Windmill provides a complete turnkey solution.

  • Actual obtained coating thickness of Paint is Uniform coating in Windmill Painting System.

  • Quality of workmanship of sprayer is good as Painter can move in 3D platforms.

  • Quality of the paint coat in Airless Spray Painting is of high quality in Paint Booth For Windmill..

  • The Autocoat Engineering has research energy-efficient and Air replacement unit for windmill for Clean environment inside the Paint Booth For Windmill.

    Execution of the whole work according to existing technical standards, well organized quality assurance and external quality control are as experience shows essential prerequisites for successful implementation of all points given regarding painting system.







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